It Gets Better London

Speaking for the “It Gets Better London” initiative about the church and its role in making it better.

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One thought on “It Gets Better London

  1. Daphne says:

    Hey Marty,
    I thought that I would spend some time on the computer today so I logged on to see what is on our church site. I have never done this before, but I felt compelled to comment on your blogs. So interesting! I admire your ability to speak from your heart about so many topics. there isn’t one answer for everybody but to have the means to communicate those ideas to someone, is so important to those who feel alone and need to express their concerns. With Jesus love, we can tackle anything because there are so many who are showing His love, with the the support they offer everyday. So Marty, keep up the good work offering ideas to expand our world, and seeking peace of mind to those in need. I will drop in to our site more often to see what is new. Praise and thanks to the Lord ! Daph

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