Fundraising Event

Diocese of Huron Youth Fundraiser
Prepared by: The Rev Marty Levesque
December 7, 2010


This proposal is a blueprint for a youth fundraising event at the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Huron, St Paul’s. The goal of the event is to raise funds to transport at least 100 youth from the Diocese of Huron to the 2012 CLAY gathering in Saskatoon.

Following up on the success of CLAY, it is imperative that the diocese react to the energy within the diocese and move to support ministry in that area. Reacting and supporting “nodes of activity” is exactly the message Diana Butler Bass was attempting to impart to the diocese at the 2010 clergy conference when she spoke about complexity theory. As well, this type of event is also in line with Fresh Expressions of ministry as detailed at synod 2010.

Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary that we teach and encourage the next generation of Anglicans in their faith. By doing so we encourage a younger generation to remain within the church. As well, the diocese would be grooming the next set of leaders that will guide the church in the future.

Diocesan Culture

A diocesan youth fundraising event will encourage a diocesan culture by fundraising for all youth, as opposed to individual congregations funding only their youth. If left to the parish level, the richer churches in the diocese would have the means to support their youth while other parishes without resources or small youth programs may fall between the cracks.

A larger event for baseline transportation funding held at the cathedral imparts the message that we are all one family, united in the body of Christ that supports the future of the church. It provides the opportunity for all youth in the diocese to have equal access to youth programming, in this case CLAY 2012 Saskatoon.
To the end that the event is a diocesan event, bus packages can be arranged for to bring people from outlying areas into London. This demonstrates that the diocese is not just the churches of London supporting youth initiatives, but a diocesan wide initiative.

Or if it is the wish of the diocese more than one event can be arranged for. An event in Windsor, London and K/W would not only lower the initial cost of booking, but it would create a diocesan culture as the youth initiative fundraiser would tour the diocese itself. This option is more difficult, in some respects, as venues in the two other cities need to be sought and secured. A minimum seating capacity of 750 would be required and point persons would need to be sought in each city, although the main thrust of the marketing campaign can be run via the internet from London.

The Event

A Christian comedian (Jeff Allen, see plays the cathedral with an opening act, a praise band. Jeff Allen is a Christian comedian that performs a 90 minutes set. He is an internationally known and acclaimed comedian and performs regularly across North America and Europe. He is quite accustomed to playing for Christians and playing in churches.

Youth of the diocese would be engaged in the promotion and operation of the event. They would work the doors, accept tickets and act as ushers at the event itself. The youth of the diocese would also serve as ambassadors in the marketing campaign leading up to the event so that all tickets are sold and we raise the most money possible.
Proposed dates: Within this two week window, June 5-24 (mid-week is preferred by Jeff, Wed. or Thurs.) The linking of dates in other cities would lower some cost and provide a greater revenue stream.

Structure for the Event

The Holy Family Teen Life Band (The band from Crash the Cathedral) would open for Jeff Allen and warm up the crowd. They would begin with an approximately 30-35 minute set with PowerPoint for lyrics. A larger screen then the one used at Crash the Cathedral would be needed as we would be expecting the cathedral to be full.
Jeff Allen would then take the stage at 7:30 and perform his set.

At approximately 9:00 pm, a quick presentation to announce the amount raised with a large card board cheque presented to the diocese on behalf of the organizing team and the youth of the diocese.

A closing prayer or speech and a blessing on behalf of either the cathedral or the diocese is offered. (Dean Dixon or one of the Bishops)

Jeff’s merchandise would be available for sale after the show by his agents.

If more than one event is scheduled in other cities, the opening act would have to be changed and a local praise band sought for each area.

Marketing Campaign

A web URL will be purchased and a landing page designed through google pages will be developed. This website will have all necessary information about the event(s). Included on this page will be links to eventbrite ticket sales for web based sales and a Facebook page. Outside Twitter use will direct people back to these pages.

All community calendars in cities where there is an event taking place will contacted and have the event posted.

Flyers and posters will be distributed to all parishes in the diocese.

Each church in or directly surrounding London, from the deaneries of Delaware, Medway, Wellington and Brough will be encouraged and challenged to sell 25 tickets. Currently there are 53 churches in the 4 deaneries. Not all churches will meet the mark, but if 40 churches sold 25 tickets that would equate to all 1000 tickets sold, a sell out.

Similarly if an event were to be held in Windsor, the 46 churches in Essex and Lambton would be also challenged in the same manner. And the same would be true for K/W and Cambridge.

Leading up to the event if the tickets are not sold out, then a 5 minute multi-media presentation at synod could be used to encourage increased ticket sales. In conjunction with advertising to community churches and evangelical churches it is extremely likely that the event will sell out anyways.

The members of youth synod from each parish would be asked to address their individual parishes about the importance of the event. Furthermore, permission would be sought from the Bishops for the organizer (Rev Marty Levesque) to attend all clericus’ and/or deanery council meetings throughout the diocese (depending on number of events, e.g. if only one event in London then only the 4 deaneries of London) in the New Year to make a multimedia presentation about the importance of this event and to get clergy buy in.

With the Bishops support, presentations at all clericus’ and/or deanery council meetings and a presentation at synod this coming year it is extremely likely that this event would be a great success in the diocese and continue to build upon the identified “node of activity” so that youth ministry in the diocese continues to bear fruit.


Expenses Total
Jeff Allen 5000 (US dollars)
Expense for Jeff, flight, hotel etc. 1500
Holy Family Band 500
Advertising, including social media campaign, website and ticket sales through eventbrite 1000
Equipment Rental 1000
Miscellaneous 900
Total 9900
Revenue Total
Tickets sales 15000-20000

Profit for the event: 5100 -10100

Operating Budget Required

50% of the booking cost of Jeff must be paid up front. Along with advertising, equipment rentals and promotional cost a start up budget of 6000 is required. If Jeff is booked for multiple nights the start up budget would change depending on the number of nights added. This start up budget needs to be secured before proceeding any further.

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